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Since May 9, 2018

November Feature Story 

David's Story - The people at Hope and Recovery are caring, sincere, and always welling to help"

Growing up I struggled to find out who I was. I looked for acceptance in myself and others. With this struggle, I found alcohol at an early age. It was an escape for me. Over time I drank more and more, until I got my first DUI. With this pain that I held onto I resorted to anything I could find or do. I ended up committing my first felony and second DUI, which started my 13 years in prison. Still that struggle was there. I tried to cope with it by doing drugs. I thought that if alcohol didn’t work, this should. This itself started a whole new journey in life.  With 2 more felony's , the loss of a marriage, my son, and most of my family; I didn’t know where to turn. I was struggling more, I was lost. I didn’t know where to turn. I needed help. I needed something in my life that I was lacking. I was told about Hope and Recovery.  I went there to see what they had to offer and have never left. The people at Hope and Recovery are caring, sincere, and always willing to help. With them and the resources that they have to offer, I owe them a big part of my sobriety. They don’t judge or turn anyone away. They are always there with open arms and a smile. 


September Feature Story 

Eric's Story- "I was introduced to Hope and Recovery and  I found some people who actually cared about me" 

The life I've had has always been a struggle for me. Growing up in the projects of Chicago, at an early age, I sought to find my identity through drugs and alcohol. Either you were doing drugs or selling them, in my case I was doing both. After a while I was able to maintain things, but my drug addiction started taking over. With the stress of life, the streets were becoming dangerous. I started losing friends either by shootings or overdoses. I decided to move to Idaho to be closer to family, and to have a fresh start. I moved hoping for an escape, but soon my addiction showed back up and I was introduced to a drug I've never heard of and I wasn't afraid. I got married and had three beautiful children and once again my my usage showed it's face and I lost a great life. I finally ended up in jail and served 5 years in prison. I completed a TC program and still didn't find my identity. I started believing that my life was only going to be full of addiction and despair. I didn't think I was meant to be loved or heard. I was introduced to Hope and Recovery and found some people who actually do care about me. I began to open myself and express my feelings, and I wasn't afraid anymore. I also found that I was safe to be me through Hope and Recovery.  

Our Mission

Hope and Recovery Resource Center is an Idaho 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving people who are in recovery from alcohol/drug use and/or mental health disorders. Hope and Recovery's mission is to promote healthy communities in a cooperative effort with those in recovery, family members, allies, local professionals and organizations.  We believe the best way to treat those we seek to help is with dignity and respect.

What We Do at HRRC...

Peer Support - Recovery Coaching - Assistance Seeking Employment - Computer Skills Coaching - Resume Assistance - Healthcare Education - Support Groups - Volunteer Opportunities and Community Service Hours - Transportation Program - Skill Groups - Yoga Class - Safe and Sober Celebrations and Group Activities for Community and Family - and More!



Use this form to request a Recovery Coach, PEER Support Specialist, request transportation or to just say hi. We love to hear from you.


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Aug. 29. 2016

Pocatello Chiefs at our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!


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210 E Center St - Suite D Pocatello, ID 83201


(208) 417-1749


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